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About Santai Labs Canada, Inc.

Santai Labs Canada is located in Montreal, Canada, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Santai Labs, Inc., which is located in Changzhou, China, Santai Labs Canada is setup to expand Santai Labs service offer to its existing and new clients. By taking advantage of the huge talent pool, world class R&D facility and best R&D government incentives at Montreal, Santai Labs Canada can offer:

Medicinal Chemistry
Our pharmaceutical industry-experienced medicinal chemistry team have extensive drug discovery experience in research-driven organization with activities spanning from pre-clinical to clinical (PoC) phases in drug development.

Santai labs have experience in the following:
*  Hit Confirmation and Hit-to-Lead.
*  Lead Optimization.
*  Evaluation of lead compound structures.
*  Development of structure-activity relations (SAR).
*  Improve ADME Properties of Lead Molecules.
*  Synthesis and Scale up of compounds.
*  Secure Intellectual Property.
*  Project management.

DMPK Support
Santai Labs can offer a broad spectrum of high quality DMPK services in the areas of in vitro ADME and in vivo PK with bioanalysis services to our clients as part of integrated programs to support make-test timelines in drug discovery.

Computer assisted drug design
Molecular Forecaster is a novel and highly accurate software platform for drug discovery, design and process chemistry. This software suite fills the key need to optimize the conformational fit between a potential drug and its receptor. Such in-silico lead compound elucidation offers a tremendous improvement over the current approach. Forecaster provides solutions in drug discovery such as virtual ligand screening, custom library design and lead optimization.

Synthetic Chemistry: R&D oriented
Santai Labs pharmaceutical industry experienced chemists have acquired extensive synthetic chemistry capabilities and expertise. These skills are used during medicinal chemistry driven projects, library preparation, or when synthesizing chemical building blocks or literature compounds.

Areas of particular synthetic expertise include:
*  Complex and multi-stage synthesis.
*  Heterocyclic chemistry.
*  Chiral synthesis, chiral HPLC (analytical and semi-preparative) and chiral resolutions.
*  Microwave synthesis.
*  Novel parallel and custom library synthesis.
*  Synthesis of literature compounds.

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